Anti-Muslim Bigot Foiled in Dallas Area

The plans of an anti-Muslim bigot to spoil a Muslim family event (he deemed to be terrorist) was foiled when he was served a restraining order.

It was totally ridiculous of him to try to portray hundreds of Muslim families as “terrorists”. As a community, we are not opposed to social protest and grassroots political activism, but when this takes on the spirit that combines hate with menace directed toward children, it is time to draw the line and people of all faiths should applaud the fact that Kaufman (a Kahanist) has been foiled in his attempt to disrupt the fun of peaceful Muslim families.

The following organizations filed the complaint against Kaufman and his (misnamed) “Americans Against Hate”

civil complaint against Joe Kaufmman and his organization “Americans against hate”:

1. Dar El-Eman Islamic Center

2. Islamic Society of Arlington, Texas

3. Dar Elsalam Islamic Center.

4. Muslim Legal Fund of America

5. Alhedaya Islamic Center

6. Muslim American Society-Dallas/Fort Worth.

7. Islamic Association of Tarrant County.

8. Islamic Center of Irving

The Court granted a TRO along with a citation issued by the Tarrant County District Clerk and ordered him to appear in Court on OCTOBER 22, 2007 at 8:30 A.M.


One Response to “Anti-Muslim Bigot Foiled in Dallas Area”

  1. Aishah Schwartz Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    See Also:
    Muslim American Society-Dallas Led Coalition Files Lawsuit Against Joe Kaufman and Obtains Restraining Order

    Suggestion to MAS affiliated bloggers: that we also try to refer to material that is posted on the MAS website, insha’Allah.


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