Who is Joe Kaufman?

Video of Muslim Hater Joe Kaufman

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2 Responses to “Who is Joe Kaufman?”

  1. Sama Says:

    Kaufman, a supporter of the Extremist JDL Rabbi Meir Kahane who called all Arabs “Dogs” and sought their forced expulsion from Israel has also said in Kahane’s defense that “[i]t was perfectly understandable, if he were to have hated Arabs. Just like, during the Holocaust, it was perfectly understandable for a Jew to hate Germans…If the Kahanes’ memory serves us any purpose, it’s to show that trust (and peace) is ultimately between only ourselves.”

    Kaufman the radical has also written after 9/11 enthusiastically asking for the nuking of Muslim nations: “If the decimation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the right thing to do, in response to Pearl Harbor, then why the heck are we saving our nuclear weapons now? And furthermore, if we’re not using them, why do we have the nukes in the first place? After all, there is no more Soviet Union to compete with. If the attacks are not a good enough reason to use them, then what are we holding on to them for?!!! Now, at this point, you may think of me as being no less than a madman, but hear me out, for I have a method to my madness.”

    Read more: http://usa.mediamonitors.net/content/view/full/46278

  2. politicomuzlim Says:

    Kaufman is a terrorist supporter. The JDF has been designated a terrorist organization by the State Department. Meir Kahane was the founder and leader fo this organization. Kaufman, the ardent supporter of Kahane and JDF, should be investigated by Homeland Security.

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