Civil Rights Activist Fights Anti-Muslim Prejudice

American University Radio has this: 

Civil Rights Activist Fights Anti-Muslim PrejudiceA notable leader of the civil rights era is speaking out against what he’s calling a nationwide effort to discredit Islam. Former D.C. Delegate, and civil rights activist, Walter Fauntroy is denouncing “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week,” next week’s series of speeches on college campuses nationwide organized by the neoconservative writer David Horowitz. Neoconservative scholars and journalists say Islam is the philosophical basis for anti-Western terrorism and must be exposed for what it is. But Fauntroy, who is endorsing a counter-protest organized by Muslim and other college students, says it’s time to set the record straight.Rosiland Jordan reports… 

For Real Audio Click Here  (Requires “Real Player” to hear) For Windows Media Click Here (Uses Windows Media Player)


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