IFAW Ignores Moderate Muslims

Another good article here from UC Santa Barbara’s newspaper

IFAW is going to talk about the abuses of Islamic fascism on Islam. Far from it. Just look at the events sponsored by Horowitz: Dennis Prager and the movie “Obsession” will be the highlights of the week. That’s like a guy sponsoring Jewish Money-Grubbing Week stating that greedy Jews are ruining Judaism and he is going to bring a Ku Klux Klan member to talk about it. Prager, a conservative columnist, will talk about Islamic abuses of gays’ rights after he calls gay marriage destructive to the institution of marriage. He is going to defend moderate Muslims, as he bashes the first Muslim congressman for swearing his oath on the Quran. “Obsession” will show you thousands of Islamic fascists shouting “Death to America!” and killing Americans, but will probably not show them shouting “Death to moderate Muslims!”

Read the entire article


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