The Tragic events at Mumbai, India

The recent horrific events in Mumbai, India remind us once again of the ugly hideous face of terrorism. Extremism and violence under the guise of religion are the worst manifestations of this evil. Our hearts and most heart-felt condolences go to the people of Mumbai and the affected families all over the world. Our unequivocal condemnation of this terror and our extreme revulsion of acting in the name of religion are most obvious. Linking this horrific event to Islam and Muslims has been another painful aspect of this tragedy. Muslims all over the world and adherents of the great faith of Islam are all steadfast and unequivocal in separating this crime from the tenets and traditions of their faith.  The linkage of this crime to a terrorist group from Pakistan bent on violent confrontation with Indian forces in Kashmir and indiscriminately targeting innocent  civilians makes this a crime of unfathomable proportions, but it should not be linked to Islamic teachings as a pretext to why it was committed. It was simply a repulsive crime committed by violent terrorists. The linkage to any religion brings no further degree of severity to it. The attack on the Jewish place of worship is particularly tragic and goes against every thread of Islamic teaching of revering and respecting people of other faiths and traditions. People who committed this terror represent nothing related to the religion of Islam and their actions in no capacity can be linked to the world of Islam and Muslims.


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