Muhammad Ali on the Real Islam

It is NOT the Islam of the terrorists


Would you Defend Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry?

The kind of behavior displayed by the cashier against the Muslim woman is encouraged by anti-Muslim writers, bloggers and so forth.

Once Again, for the Record…

In case there is any doubt, I have continuously condemned terror on many occasions, and continue to abhor it and condemn it in the strongest terms. It is not fair of me to be expected to personally condemn each and every single terrorist attack around the world on each occasion. I am not aware of every single incident, but suffice it to say that I condemn it whether or not I post it here.

Unfortunately this will never be good enough for some racists who do not like us no matter what we say or do…

Veil is Not a Prison

Sister Fatemeh Fakhraie has a great article on the sensationalist ‘experiment’ done by Danielle Crittenden 

After reading her posts, it’s obvious she just wants to play dress-up. She doesn’t attempt to adhere to any principles of Islam while wearing the niqab, nor does she take it off in her home like most niqabis would, nor does she even attempt to start a dialogue with any Muslim women—niqabis or not


Ms. Crittenden then makes a paltry connection between the rise of the Muslim population and the subjugation of women: “Accepting veiling implies acceptance of a larger ideology of female subordination.” No, Ms. Crittenden. Accepting your arguments, however, implies acceptance of a total lack of logic. Why can’t she get past the idea that wearing some extra cloth totally disenfranchises someone?

Please read it all

On Islamophobia

Brother Amad Shaikh of Muslim Matters has an excellent article on Islamophobia that will eventually, insha Allah, be a series. I highly recommend everyone read it.

Part One: It Exists| Part Two|