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MAS-ICNA Convention Videos

Videos from the recent MAS-ICNA Convention in Chicago below the fold
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Your Muslim Neighbors

“I’m a Muslim”

“Different Cultures…One Belief”

“Your Neighbors, Your friends”

Laura Bush on the Hijab

Laura Bush (correctly) says that Muslim women do no see the hijab as “subjugation” and the right attacks her for saying it as well as for wearing a headscarf. Previously the right attacked House Speaker Nancy Nancy Pelosi for wearing a headscarf

Bethany’s Story

Two years ago, when Bethany Wilkerson was born with a serious heart problem, private health insurance wouldn’t help her.
Without the State Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP), Bethany might not be with us today.
Why should we not support health care for children?

Imam Johari Abdul Malik, Outreach Director at Dar Al Hijrah,  will be attending a rally today (10/16/07) in favor of SCHIP

Happy Eid (Video)

This was done by MAS Cincinnati. Very nice masha Allah…

Press Conference Video

The full 58 minute video of the September 29, 2007 press conference is online.  View the video here or you can see the youtube versions below the fold Read the rest of this entry »