Al-Qaeda Terrorist is Dead

The AP reports that the person alleged to have plotted the murderous London bombings is dead and plotting again to kill has died. Story below the fold…

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Jedi Baseball

5′ 9″ Dunker: T-Dub

This guy has some major leaping ability

Muhammad Ali on the Real Islam

It is NOT the Islam of the terrorists

NFL’s New Logo

Kinda looks like the old one

WSJ on The Need for More Immigrants

A few weeks ago, Bill Gates was on Capitol Hill trying to convince the Congress to act to ease restrictions so that we may allow more highly skilled workers into the US. The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on the subject. See below

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Five Guys at Nats’ New Stadium

Everyone in DC has been talking about the Washington Nationals’ new baseball stadium. One draw has definitely got to be the fact that they will be having Five Guys Hamburgers there. Yes it is unhealthy, but it is really good. Make sure that if you eat one, get plenty of exercise afterwards to kill all the calories.

Here is an article about all the food options in the new stadium